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A Proactive and Personalized Approach to Risk Management

Practical Strategies and Smart Solutions

No broker can wave a magic wand and lower your premiums. But with our comprehensive risk management resources and proactive guidance we can actively help you control costs, exposures, and your workload.

Looking Out for Your Best Interests

Receive guidance from a team that cares about you and your business.

Your Ultimate Risk Management Resource

Our Risk Management Center has helpful resources you need. Use tools like onsite training and pre-OSHA inspections to make sure you’re not caught off guard.

Keeping You Informed and Prepared

You have a million things to worry about. Let us provide you with tools like our audit checklists to make sure you’re more prepared.

Weeding Out All Kinds of Exposures

Do you have a weed problem around your building? That can count as a fire exposure. Our advisors can spot minor details and help limit your liability.

Helping You Feel Better Prepared

Explore the ways we can support you or your business.

On-site Hazard/Risk Assessments

Perform an in-depth audit of your organization, identifying key areas of liability exposure with detailed findings and recommendations.

Ergonomic Evaluations

Reduce workers' compensation costs with engineering and administrative solutions that address core ergonomic issues, training and education.

Fleet Safety Analysis

Research-based transportation safety programs include: safety assessments, fleet training, accident investigation, and regulatory audits.

Proactive Risk Mitigation

Helping prevent accidents, reduce injuries and control insurance costs by pinpointing and mitigating risk before it occurs.

Training Services

A full range of educational resources customized for your organization, including high impact virtual webinars and onsite seminars.

Risk Assessment

Quantifying your exposures with C.O.P.E. (construction, occupancy, protection, and exposure) along with natural catastrophe data, risk quality ratings, recommendations, and facility programs.

Business Interruption/Continuity Planning

Helping assess the risk of a disaster on company operations and identifying its potential impact on your organization, suppliers and customers.

Risk Management Technology

Online, self-service Risk Management for all your safety needs.

Loss Control/Risk Survey

Guidance and analysis on controlling or mitigating losses through accurate and meaningful risk surveys.


Take A Closer Look At The Risk Management Center

See how our team gives you clear guidance and tools so you can feel more confident and better prepared.

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Breathe a Big Sigh Of Relief

You can rest easier knowing we’re helping you get the solutions you need.

Agreement Plan 1-Risk Management

Receive Comprehensive Support

At Conover, we form strong relationships with our clients and provide you with more solutions in one place. You can trust us to help you navigate risk management as well as the claims process.

Agreement Plan 2-Risk Management

Keep Your Costs Down

We can help you spot potential problems ahead of time and make sure you have the right compliance measures in place. Our goal is to help lower your overall cost of doing business.

Agreement Plan 3-Risk Management

Get Help When You Need It

If you have questions or concerns, you can easily connect with us and count on a quick response to whatever issues you may have.

Our Process

A Less Risky Approach

We’re here to alleviate your stress one step at a time.
Assessing Your Situation

We start by understanding where you are now, what challenges you deal with on a regular basis, and determining how we can help.

Finding the Right Solutions

Next, we start to evaluate how we can help alleviate your exposures, or transfer certain risks.

Providing Preventative Measures

We will provide ongoing guidance to help you proactively address safety and compliance issues so you can prevent future exposures.

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Agreement Plan 1-Employee Management

Employee Benefits

Make Sure You Have the Ideal Solutions

From programs and training to putting the right policies in place, we’ll do everything we can to reduce your workload and your costs.

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