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Conover Insurance Products

Big business to small, we have a plan for you

Conover Insurance, Inc., is one of the oldest and largest locally owned independent insurance agencies in the Pacific Northwest. Our roots go back to 1908, and one of our predecessor firms, the Ross W. Dent Insurance Agency, was designated with the very first agency appointment for the General Insurance Company….known today as SAFECO. Nearly a century later, our local ownership and perseverance allows us to be flexible in meeting the challenges of our clients, our business and our industry.

As an independent agency, Conover Insurance provides product expertise with market knowledge to select the most suitable insurance services available for its clients. Working as part of a cohesive network, team members apply their unique insights to commercial, employee benefits and personal lines insurance.

For over a century, Conover Insurance, Inc., has become synonymous with outstanding quality and performance in insurance account management. Conover maintains a highly-trained staff of independent agents located throughout the western United States and licensed nationwide. Conover has the knowledge and experience to successfully manage a multitude of complex insurance products for each of its clients.

As insurance brokers, we can access virtually any market, allowing us the competitive versatility of larger national brokerages. We will identify and measure the risk exposures before recommending and providing the most advantageous solutions. At Conover, we represent the client first.

  • Property Insurance
  • Casualty Insurance
  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Executive/Management Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Surety & Bonding

Employee Benefits that just fit

Conover is a brokerage firm that fully understands the importance to you and your company of having a properly managed, complete and comprehensive employee benefits program. Traditional employee benefit programs can consume a significant portion of an employer’s compensation budget. As costs continue to escalate, and the administration of benefit plans continue to increase in complexity, Conover can provide expertise and tools to manage these challenges effectively.

Our team is comprised of professional staff, representing the leading providers of employee benefits. Our goal is to enhance your internal resources and staff capabilities and to assure that your benefits program will:

  • Meet your financial objectives
  • Manage employee growth related issues
  • Provide meaningful information
  • Deliver benefits efficiently
  • Provide employee satisfaction and security
  • Manage costs effectively

Conover provides a dedicated team of professionals who are committed to providing a high level of service, cutting edge technology, and continuous evaluation of your program and its unique needs. Conover and its affiliated companies can provide solutions for:

  • Group & Individual Medical Plans
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Disability
  • Life & Accidental Death
  • Voluntary Payroll Deduction Plans
  • Section 125 Cafeteria Plans
  • Income Protection
  • Employee Awareness Programs
  • Wellness Programs
  • Medicare Supplements
  • HIPAA/COBRA Administration
  • Nondiscrimination Testing

Serving all the insurance needs for you, your family and your assets

Not all insurance agents are the same! Choosing the right one can make a big difference – in price, service and value. Why? Conover Insurance is an independent insurance agency – meaning we do business with multiple insurance companies and compare protection and prices to find the best value for you and your needs. We’re not computers – we are real, live members of the communities you live in, and we’re committed to being your advocate in times of need. Our commitment is to serving you. Conover knows that there are as many unique insurance needs as we have neighbors who live here! To talk with one of our helpful team members about your insurance needs, contact a local member of our team.

Workers' Compensation

At Conover we understand the necessity for you and your company to be covered under all lines of insurance. Workers’ compensation is not, by definition, insurance. Rather, it is social insurance, much the same as unemployment compensation or social security. Under workers’ compensation law, employers are required to make provisions for workers who are injured in accidents arising out of or in the course of employment. Injured employees may receive medical treatment and receive compensation based on a percentage of their wages to replace lost income.

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault structure, meaning that an injured employee need not prove the injury was someone else’s fault in order to receive workers’ compensation benefits for an on-the-job injury.

The requirements for businesses to carry workers’ compensation coverage varies by state. Your Conover representative can guide you in these requirements and provide appropriate solutions for your workers’ compensation needs.

Your resource for Treasury-listed bonds

Conover Insurance has formed strong and lasting relationships with our surety companies, underwriters and the programs available in today’s bonding market. While most brokers understand insurance, not all brokers understand bonding and/or surety. At Conover, we have over 20 years of experience in bonding and can provide you with the best bonding line available through Treasury-listed bonding companies.

What is a surety bond?

A surety bond is a promise to be liable for a debt, default or failure of another. A bond is an instrument of prequalification, representing that the principal has been examined by a surety company and is found to be qualified to complete the contractual obligation.

Who are the parties involved in a surety bond?

Each surety bond that is issued acts as a three-party contract. The principal is the party that is to complete the contractual obligation. The obligee is the owner of the project. The surety issues the bond and acts as the financial guarantor.

Here are some of the types of bonds we can provide:

Contract Bonds

  • Bid Bonds
  • Performance & Payment Bonds
  • Supply Bonds

Commercial Bonds

  • License & Permit Bonds – Contractor License; Highway and Street Permit; Agent/Adjuster/Broker License; Fuel Dealer; Professional License; Automobile Dealer; and Alcoholic Beverage Compliance Bonds
  • Probate Bonds – Administrator; Executor; Guardian; and Trustee Bonds
  • Receiver or Trustee Bond in Bankruptcy
  • Public Official – Notary Public; Sheriff; Deputy Sheriff; Constable; Jailer; County/City/School Treasurer Bonds; Court Clerk; Loan Closing Attorney; and FHA Schedule Bonds
  • Court Bonds – Plaintiff Replevin; Plaintiff Attachment; and Cost Bonds
  • Miscellaneous Bonds

Fidelity Bonds

  • ERISA (Pension Plans)
  • Business Services Bonds (e.g. janitorial, home health care or security)

Financial Institution Bonds and D&O Coverage

  • Commercial Banks and Savings Institutions

Let us help you lay the foundation of your business, Risk Management

Risks are everywhere, and whether you’re trying to protect a business or your personal property, Conover Insurance is there to help you along the way.

Protecting your Business

Identifying all the risks that could face your business may seem endless, so it is important to know how to identify and prioritize threats. Most insurance companies will only look at hazard risks and operational risks that can be covered by insurance.  Risks that have the possibility of a positive outcome might not normally be considered when thinking of insurance since these are things that can not be covered by insurance.

Conover Insurance has the resources to take an Enterprise Risk Management approach to understand all risks that face your business. This approach will create  the ability to identify the best solution for treatment and determining when and how to finance those risks, choose the appropriate coverages, what limits would best suit your needs and help determine things such as deductibles or self-insured retentions.

Extensive resources are also available to our clients to help them with safety, compliance, policies and other traditional risk management needs.

Protecting your Home and Family

When it comes to your family or home, the smallest loss can be devastating. Whether you just want a basic fire preparedness plan, or want to prepare for an apocalypse, Conover has resources to help keep you, your family, belongings and property prepared and ready for the unexpected.

Speak to your Conover Representative about risk management that is specific to your unique needs.

Claims Reporting

Client First. One of Conover’s core values. What sets an insurance broker apart is when a claim occurs, and how it is managed. Conover has an experienced team of claims advocates who walk you through every step of the claims process while advocating on your behalf with insurance companies. Anyone can get you a quote, but you get an entire support team in your corner when you work with Conover.

The Claims Team is here to assist Conover clients with the proper and timely resolution of their claims. In short, they act as your advocate.

  • Coverage/Form Knowledge – Our team members are licensed and experienced agents. They understand coverage and forms, and can even handle the most complex claims submissions.
  • Claims Preparation – They will work to make sure claims are submitted to carriers in a timely manner, as well as, with all the necessary required information.
  • Monitoring – Our advocates will take control of the claims process and on your behalf track claims to maintain a quick recovery.
  • Resolution – Team members assemble and manage professionals and processes to investigate, value, prepare and resolve your claims.
  • Third Party Involvement – We can recommend and refer you to restoration and remediation specialists, along with carefully selected third party providers if your needs require.

What To Do If You Have A Claim

Start by reporting your claim to your insurance carrier.

They will need to know:

  • When the incident occurred.
  • Where the incident occurred. (be as specific as possible)
  • How the incident happened.
  • What kind(s) of vehicle(s) were involved. (Year, Make & Model)
  • A description of damage to each vehicle.
  • Names and contact information of people involved in the incident.
  • Extent of injuries to people involved in the incident.
  • Name and contact information of anyone who witnessed the incident.
  • Name of the law enforcement agency that responded and the police report number, if possible.

I Have Damage To My Property – What Now?

Call your insurance carrier and report the following:

  • When the incident occurred.
  • A general description of what happened.
  • Location of the damaged property and what was damaged.
  • Condition of the home and if it is still livable.
  • If temporary repairs are needed.
  • If the fire or police department was contacted, which department responded and any report number.
  • Your contact information and the best time to reach you.

Do I Need To Protect My Home From Further Damage?

Yes, once it is safe to do so, it is your responsibility to protect your property from further damage.

  • Arrange for reasonable temporary repairs, such as boarding up broken windows, covering the roof, and removing debris.
  • Keep a list of any temporary repairs you make to document the damage, and make sure to save your receipts.
  • If possible, place damaged items in a secure area where they can be inspected. If you are unsure about an item, include it with the damaged property.
  • If you have fire or smoke damage, do not try to clean the damaged items. Sometimes cleaning things without the proper equipment can cause more damage.

To better assist you, the following carriers have 24 hour direct claim reporting services available. Prior to calling, please have your policy number and claim details available for the claims adjuster. The insurance carrier will forward a copy of your claim report to our office. Also, if we can assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact a team member.