Privacy Policy of Conover Insurance Services, LLC, and its subsidiaries and affiliated companies, including Axis Insurance, LLC doing business as Conover Insurance; Axis Life Insurance, LLC doing business as Conover Life Insurance Services; Gold Star Nevada, LLC doing business as Conover Insurance (in Washington) and Conover–Gold Star Insurance Services (in California); Conover Almond Valley Insurance Services, LLC doing business as ConoverAVI; Conover Insurance, Transportation Division, LLC; Verde Services, Inc. doing business as Conover Administration; and, Verde Services, Inc. doing business as Conover360.

We want you to know that protecting your privacy is a top priority.  The personal information we collect from you to insure your home, business, life, health, and/or property, or to provide other insurance-related services are collected for that purpose only.  We do not sell, rent, trade or give away the information you have entrusted us with and we pledge to maintain its confidentiality. This notice describes our current privacy policies and practices.


We have strict policies and procedures in place to safeguard the privacy and security of your personal information.  The information you provide to us, including data maintained in our computer systems, is protected from unauthorized access through a variety of internal controls.  The use and/or disclosure of your personal information is limited to the members of our personnel with a need to know, and those insurance carriers and underwriters that require it to process quotes and bind coverage.


The personal information we collect from you is used to apply for insurance products and to service the insurance products you purchase through us.  The information collected for this purpose varies depending on the types of insurance products you purchase or are considering.  Examples of personal information we may collect from you include but are not limited to: your name, mailing address, telephone number, email address, social security number, and your health, financial, credit and driving histories.

This information may be obtained from a policy application or claim form, or it may be acquired from other sources such as medical forms and credit reporting agencies.  We maintain personal information pertinent to your transactions with Conover Insurance, including information necessary to place insurance policies, process claims, and calculate premiums.  We may request additional information from you from time to time to service the insurance products you have purchased.


We share your concern about the privacy of your medical information and assure you that we do not sell, rent, trade or give away personally identifiable medical information to anyone for marketing purposes, or for any other reason.  We will only use and share personally identifiable health information for insurance underwriting purposes, to service the policies you purchase through us, to assist in processing a claim, and for other purposes required or permitted by law.


Conover Insurance respects the confidential nature of the personal information you provide to us.  However, there are certain circumstances in which we may disclose this information to third parties for purposes other than selling and servicing insurance products.  We will only make these types of disclosures when they are permitted or required by law.  These disclosures may include the provision of information in response to a request by a regulatory or governmental authority, administrators, auditors, or consultants.  We may also disclose your personal information to insurance carriers to administer your business, service your accounts, and/or advise you of additional product and service offerings available through their company.

Our promise not to rent, sell, trade or otherwise disclose your personal information (except in furtherance of the provision of services to you) is unaffected by your status as a current or former client.  In other words, if your relationship with Conover Insurance ends, we will continue to limit disclosures of your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


We welcome your inquiries.  Should you need additional information or clarification about our privacy policies and practices, please contact us at:
Mail: Conover Insurance Services, LLC
P.O. Box 10088
Yakima, WA 98909