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Clear Guidance for Getting the Ideal Coverage for Your Life Situation

As a licensed independent broker, we’re able to offer you a wide range of personal insurance policies from carriers you know and trust, without overwhelming you.

Unlike typical insurance agents, we’re not motivated to sell you one option. We listen to your needs and help you feel fully confident in your coverage.

Making Personal Insurance a More Positive Experience

Receive clear and honest guidance every step of the way.

Have One Advisor for All Your Needs

The advisor who offers you a policy will continue servicing your policy, making sure your needs are always met. When you have a claim, the same advisor will be there to help simplify the process. From start to finish, our advisors are there for you.

Experience Personalized Service

When it comes to insurance, one size does not fit all. We’re able to take a customized approach to your coverage. We match insurance to your needs –– not the other way around.

Become Part of the Family

When you partner with us you join the Conover family and we take care of yours. From buying your first house to finding your dream home, from having your first child to handing them the keys to their first car –– we’re with you through every phase of life.

Protect What Matters Most to You

Let our team make sure you have personal insurance solutions that put your mind at ease.


Explore insurance coverage for your home and property.


When life puts you in park, we’ll help you get back on the road.


Keep the fun going with coverages for your watercraft and boat.


It’s a good idea to have insurance that provides protection beyond your existing policies, just in case.

Recreational Vehicle

Big adventures call for smart protections. Find coverages for campers and recreational vehicles.


Renting an apartment or condominium? Find adequate coverage here.


Make sure your coverage won’t leave you out in the cold.


Whether you’re on two, three, or four wheels we can help you find coverage for your motorcycle or ATV.


Answers to All of Life’s Unknowns

Is my home protected from unforeseen disasters? If I get in a wreck on my way to work tomorrow will I be blindsided by bills? Why am I paying more and getting less in return? 

Find answers to this and more on our Blog.


Looking Out for Your Best Interests

Our goal is to help you feel more confident that you have the right coverage for you and your family.

Agreement Plan 1-Personal

Hope for the Best. Prepared for the Worst.

None of us want to live life constantly worried about what could go wrong. Our advisors want to support you by making sure you can weather any storm.

Agreement Plan 2-Personal

Cheapest Comes at a High Price

We know you’re a smart shopper, but when it comes to insurance the lowest price can end up costing you big time. We can help you find the right protection that fits your budget.

Agreement Plan 3-Personal

There’s No Cost to Putting Your Mind at Ease

It doesn’t cost you a thing for one of our advisors to review your current coverage. Make sure you have the right policy before something happens.

Our Process

A Simpler Way to Get What You Need

We cut through the confusion to provide you with clear solutions.
Connect With Us

We’d love to set up a time where we can get to know you and learn more about what you need.

Receive a Complimentary Coverage Review

We’re happy to take a look at what you currently have to make sure your coverage matches your current situation and long-term goals.

Get Comprehensive Solutions

Let us do all the research for you. As an independent agency, we can explore all your options and provide you with unbiased guidance.

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You want to know that you have adequate personal insurance, but how do you cut through all the noise and fine print?

At Conover Insurance, you’ll receive unbiased guidance from a personal advisor who will review all your options and help you make the right decision.

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