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Sue Allec

Sue Allec

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How to Compare Insurance Plans: Home, Auto, Health, and More

Sue Allec - Jan 4, 2021 11:00:00 AM

Selecting the right insurance for yourself, your family, or your employees can be incredibly daunting. Every day, you're flooded with commercials and ads promising the lowest rates and best customer service. But with so many insurers and different plans to choose from (all promising you the world) –– how do you know which one is right? It feels like you need a master's degree to make sure you're getting the right coverage for a fair price.

Topics: Personal Insurance- Personal Insurance- Featured

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The Wrong Way to Get the Right Insurance

Sue Allec - Dec 4, 2020 12:15:00 PM

Shopping for insurance can be intimidating. There are so many different insurance types available for an individual or family that it’s hard to know what kind you need to be protected. Not to mention the number of insurers out there, all promising to provide the best coverage and price. 

Topics: Personal Insurance

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