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Helping You Understand Your Coverage and Resolve Claims

Experience a fresh approach to the claims process.

At Conover, we provide you with clear and proactive communication and ongoing guidance as we work towards resolution of your claim.

A Total Team Effort

You should have a proactive and responsive advisor who is more engaged and communicative throughout the claims process.

Communicating Every Step of the Way

Tired of unanswered emails and 800 numbers that go nowhere? At Conover, you can expect regular communication and clear answers throughout the claims process.

Taking a Closer Look

Insurance can be incredibly complicated and you often get conflicting information. Let us do a thorough review of your policy to look for ambiguous language that might affect whether or not something is covered.

Showing Up for You

Not only do we conduct thorough research, but we’ll also show up in person to meet with you, learn about your business, and work to understand the situation. This allows us to produce better results, faster.

We’re Here for You Before and After Claims

Let us help you be better prepared for “what if” scenarios and answer the question of “what next?”


When there’s a dispute in coverage or claim handling, we step in to help you achieve a resolution that meets your needs.


Keeping a close eye on the status of claims from beginning to end.


Proactively communicating with you or the adjuster to help move the claim process forward.


Filing claims, notices and related documentation with your insurance carrier for you.


The Answers You Need to Know

Find the guidance and tools you need to feel more confident and better prepared.


Working Towards Fewer Unknowns and More Clarity

What if you had support in handling your claims? We will be that partner to help you feel more informed.

Agreement Plan 1-Claims

Fighting for Your Denied Claims

If you’re not satisfied with the adjuster’s initial response to your claim we’ll review your policy and see if they missed anything.

Agreement Plan 2-Claims

Helping You Prevent Future Claims

In addition to helping you resolve claims, we provide risk management education and resources so you can feel better prepared up front.

Agreement Plan 3-Claims

Being There for You

With Conover, you have a personal advisor as well as the support of our entire team, advocating for you through each step in the claims process.

Our Process

You Don’t Have to Deal with Claims Alone

Let us help you navigate the process with more peace of mind.
We Take on Your Claim

When you file a claim, we’ll begin learning the details about the situation and start working with the adjuster on your behalf.

We Help the Process Move Forward

From collecting and organizing the right documentation to connecting you with the resources you need, we’ll guide you through each step in the process.

We’ll Continue to Be an Advocate for You

You can depend on us for proactive support as we help you work toward resolving your claim with the carrier.

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Serving Your Specific Needs


Commercial Insurance


Personal Insurance

Agreement Plan 1-Employee Management

Employee Benefits

Lighting Your Path to a Clear Resolution

Our team is here to help educate you on what your policy covers so you feel more informed and have more confidence when you do have to file a claim. And we provide guidance on ways to avoid claims in the first place.

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