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Teachers: Our Insurance Policy for Society

Conover Insurance - May 7, 2019 11:31:04 AM

53156238_mIt’s Teacher Appreciation week. This week, every May, we try our best to express our gratitude to our kid's teachers, or the teachers of our past. Whether we bring them chocolate, flowers, coffee, or a nice note; at Conover, we believe that one week a year is never enough to let teachers know how important they are.

Since insurance is our world, we obviously have insurance on our brain 24/7.  And we’ve been thinking. Don’t you think that teachers are kind of like the insurance policy for our society? That may seem like an odd statement, but let us tell you why we think that.

Schoolteacher posing with her pupils in a classroomFirst of all, teachers have many facets to their job. It’s a job of academics, but also of building relationships. It’s taking care of their students, teaching them math, reading, writing, history, character values, and more. They help insure that our society works in harmony. You wouldn’t want to go to a bank, and meet a bank teller who couldn’t count back money. Everyone who can read, write, count, add, and subtract most likely has a teacher to thank. From ABC’s all the way to Quantum physics, teachers have their hand in the transfer of knowledge and skills.

A second reason teachers are like an insurance policy is their optimism and hopeful hearts. Teachers inspire students to dream big no matter what their situation. They consistently challenge all their students, at every level, to reach their full potential.  Every doctor, scientist, actor, and insurance agent had a teacher that supported them, and hopefully inspired them. Teachers insure that we have all kinds of jobs, with all kinds of people to fill them. Every job, starts with a teacher.

Another reason teachers are like an insurance policy is that they really care. Unfortunately, not every student that teachers teach comes from a fortunate home. Teachers often spend their hard earned money on snacks, clothes, hygiene items, and school supplies for their students. They are hope in the darkness for some kids. They listen to stories, and provide a safe space to land every day. They worry about their students, and want the best for them. They insure that all kids feel safe and belong, so everyone can learn.

Teachers and their influence are so tightly intertwined in our communities. They work so hard, giving so much of their heart for their students all school year long. They deserve praise and admiration more than just a week a year. They are the human insurance policies of our society, and without them our communities would be a darker place.

We encourage you to reach out to the teachers in your life this week. Send them a note of thanks for all they do. Have your kids draw them a sweet picture. Reach out to your favorite teachers of the past, and tell them what they meant to you and how you are doing now. Those words may be just what that teacher needs to hear!

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