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10 Ways to Celebrate National Friendship Day!

Conover Insurance - Aug 4, 2019 9:20:00 AM

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Blast the Rembrandts' theme from Friends, “I”ll Be There For You!”. Then follow it up with the Golden Girls theme song, “Thank you for Being a Friend.” Because today is a good day to celebrate friendship! Yep, it’s National Friendship Day.  The first Sunday of every August is a day to celebrate those people who always have your back, who you can talk to about anything, and who also come to you for support and advice. Friendship is a very special thing. It isn’t always easy for people to make friends, and good friends are in fact sometimes hard to come by. So today, let’s make plans, let’s reach out, and let’s tell our pals how much they mean to us!

Here are some ideas to celebrate this wonderful day!

  1. Make a coffee/drink date! It is so much fun to grab a beverage with a pal and catch up on each other’s lives!
  2. Have a BBQ and invite multiple friends at once! Play backyard games like cornhole, giant jenga, or ladder ball. Fire up the grill and let the fun begin! 
  3. Do something active together! Ask them if they want to go for a walk, go shopping, go fishing, a local event, or wine tasting. Whatever it is that you guys like to do with each other. 
  4. Do something big together! Look ahead on the calendar and see if there are any big events that might be fun! Is there a concert coming up that they might enjoy with you? What about striving towards similar goals? Would they like to train for a 5k with you? What about an actual trip away somewhere? Las Vegas anyone?
  5. Have a movie night or marathon! Invite some friends over for snacks, popcorn, and a movie binge! Low on cost, high on fun!
  6. Start a club! Whether it be book club, fantasy football, or a running club. Whatever gives you an excuse to hang out the way you all want to!
  7. Send them a card! Celebrate this day by bringing them a card, and maybe even some baked goods! Going out of your way with little things like that can be very impactful in letting someone know how much they mean to you.
  8. Because we live in the digital age, you could always make them a slideshow or story on social media and tag them! Declare how wonderful they are to the world. 
  9. Call them and check up on them. Ask them how they are doing? Listen to them.  
  10. Text or call them and intentionally tell them how they have impacted your life. We know that sounds a little much, but relationships (all of them) are built on emotional connection. Tell them that you appreciate that they are always there to listen and how funny they are. Tell them you treasure the times you have spent together and are looking forward to making new memories with them. Tell them that you are so glad to have a friend like them. Just tell them.

We hope that you and your friends have a wonderful Friendship day. Doing whatever it is that connects you and makes you friends in the first place, or just spending time together talking. Enjoy each other's company, and know that you are truly lucky to have such a good friend.

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