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Lifestyle Lessons: Lift with Care to Limit Back Pain

Conover Insurance - Aug 1, 2019 3:07:47 PM

Did You Know?

Injuries caused by poor lifting and handling practices can cause major back pain. To avoid these unpleasant and often inhibiting injuries, remember these safe lifting and carrying recommendations while you are doing chores around the house.

When lifting an object:

  • Get as close as possible to the load and bend down at your knees; not your back.
  • Pull the load close to your body and test its weight.
  • Shift the weight of the load to your legs by keeping it close.
  • Be sure to maintain a wide base of support throughout the lift.

When carrying an object:

  • Look ahead to make certain your path is clear.
  • Avoid stairs if possible.
  • Have someone else hold doors and gates open for you.
  • Change direction by moving your feet, not your hips.
  • Keep your shoulders, hips and feet pointing in the same direction.
  • Never twist at the waist while you are carrying something heavy.

When setting down an object:

  • Bend at your knees, not your waist and set down the corner of the object closest to you first.
  • Remember to keep your fingers out from under the load as you set it down.

Healthy Hints

Safe lifting and carrying techniques can help you avoid strains, sprains and other painful injuries. Whatever the task at hand, make sure to ask for help from a family member when the load is too heavy for you to handle on your own!

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