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Are You Ready For Some Football?

Conover Insurance - Sep 5, 2019 6:40:18 AM


Do you hear that sound? Those cheers, the roaring crowd, the marching bands, the announcers - it’s the first sounds of Fall. It’s Football season, and we are all about it. It’s been a long spring and summer, and the excitement of an epic touchdown has been missed. We’ve missed the camaraderie of the shared experience of rooting on our favorite teams to victory. And longed to feel the support given from among fans when disappointment sets in, when your team just can’t get those last few yards. Whether it be NFL, College, High School, or grid kids football, we are very excited to be apart of the crowd. We have been thinking about ways to really basque in this magical time of year! So, we have just one question for you, in the words of Hank Williams Jr. “Are YOU ready for some football?” 

Here are some ways to really celebrate this season!

  1. Get together with other excited football fans! Invite people over for the big game! Make it a potluck. You don’t have to wear team colors or jerseys! But a spirit outfit can really up the fun factor! 
  2. FOOD! There are just some types of food that pair well with football. Dips, chips, wings, and chilli, just to name a few. Whether you go to a sports bar to enjoy these foods, or whip up a batch yourself, these foods definitely enhance the football experience.
  3. Speaking of food, we suggest making these foods at a tailgate! If you find yourself lucky enough to take in a football game, tailgating before it, is always a good time! Play games, eat food, hang out, and get ready for a great experience! 
  4. Take in some local Friday night lights! There is just something about a high school football game. The crisp night air, the shouting fans, and the nostalgia. Many high school groups come together to put on these great events every week! Supporting students hard work, spending money on school fundraisers, and taking in multiple youth talents through football and other half time activities, such as the marching band, is never a bad idea! 
  5. Start a fantasy football league! Whether for money or just for fun, creating your own fantasy team can really make watching football even more exciting! Fantasy sports apps make playing it super easy with anybody near or far! 
  6. Watch your favorite football movie! If you just can’t get enough of football, and you don’t know what to do with yourself on a Tuesday or Wednesday night, then watch a football movie! We recommend Rudy, Remember the Titans, or vintage Longest Yard!

Whether you are a football fanatic, or you enjoy the social aspect of watching football, we hope you get out in the fresh fall air and take in a game or two this season. Root for your favorite team, or for the team wearing your favorite color, either way we hope you have fun during this most wonderful time of the year. We most certainly will be making the most of the season, making memories, and cheering at the top of our lungs! 

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