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First Day of Summer Checklist

Conover Insurance - Jun 21, 2019 9:38:00 AM

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Today is a glorious day! Today is a day that we wait for all year. Today is a day to be celebrated. Because today is the first official day of summer. Obviously, we think summer is just grand. We love the longer days and warmer nights. The outdoor activities, and the produce. Summer brings out the best in us, and inspires the fun. So we’ve created a summer bucket list to make sure no amount of summer slips through our fingers.

Here are our summer must do’s in no particular order:

  1. Patio dining. Nothing beats sitting outside and dining alfresco. Whether it’s at a restaurant with a view or a home patio. Eating or enjoying a nice beverage outside is definitely on our summer list of must dos.
  1. Outdoor concert. Sitting outside on a blanket or a lawn chair listening to some great live grooves is what summer dreams are made of. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive either! We prefer local concerts to big venues.
  1. Nothing says summer like swimming! Whether it’s in a pool, lake, or river. We love to cool off and make a splash!
  1. Having a BBQ with family and friends is essential to summer fun. Getting together, sharing good times, and good food. Nothing is better.
  1. Baseball games. There is a reason they call baseball players the boys of summer. We love this game! The crowds, the cheering, the peanuts and cracker jacks! Take us out to the ball game this summer!
  2. Evening walks. There is a special time during summer. Right after dinner and right before the sun sets. The air starts getting a little cooler, the sky starts getting a little orange, and it’s the perfect time to walk hand in hand with someone you love.
  1. 4th of July is such a magical holiday where the sky lights up with pure magic. We love grabbing a blanket and finding a local fireworks show to take in and celebrate our country’s Independence.
  1. Sidewalk chalk. This ones for the little ones in our lives. As kids we loved to take our artistic creativity to the sidewalk. Whether we were making masterpieces or hopscotch squares, you can best believe we will be passing on this tradition this summer.
  1. While we are talking about the little ones in our lives, let's talk about playgrounds. Exploring new playgrounds are a perfect summer activity. Just make sure you go in the morning so you stay out of that summer heat. But what could be better than a fun and free activity like a good old park playground.
  2. Farmers Markets. Is there anything more beautiful than the vibrant colors of the produce at the Farmers Market? Strolling through a Farmers Market, picking up locally grown food and goods is such a wonderful time, not to mention eco-friendly! We are sure excited to head to our local farmers market this summer.

This summer we plan on spending lots of time with our loved ones and soaking in that vitamin D. We hope you choose to live in the moment, choose fun, and fully enjoy this glorious season. We know that we will!

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