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10 Ways to Enjoy the Coming of Fall...

Conover Insurance - Sep 23, 2019 11:40:49 AM

Fall foliage at  in Nagoya, Japan.

You may have been celebrating autumn's arrival for weeks now. Pumpkin spice everything is already on the shelves, and in many places across our country the weather has started to cool down. We personally have been holding on to summer and soaking in every last ray of sunshine. But today, we are READY for the next phase! So with that we say, happy first official day of fall! We love the changing seasons over here at Conover, and the unique experiences each brings. Fall is definitely a special time of year when the weather begins to feel more crisp, the leaves on the trees magically change colors, and the days start to get shorter. Fall is orange and brown, pumpkins, cocoa, sweaters, and just generally one of the best seasons out there. We don’t want to let it pass us by. So of course we made a list. A fall bucket list, to get the most out of the season. Here it is, in no particular order!

  1. Use your slow cooker! We know Instapots are super popular and so fast. You can use those to create a great fall dish too. But, there really is nothing like making a big pot of soup or chili in the fall, and having it cook all day and fill your home with it’s lovely aroma. Fall and crockpots go hand-in-hand! 
  2. Go see changing leaves! There really is something so wonderful and inspiring about how the leaves on trees change color every year. We get to see the shedding of the old to eventually start something new, and they do it in such a beautiful way. It only lasts a short amount of time, so don’t let it pass you by! 
  3. Go to a Football game! If baseball players are the boys of summer, football players are the boys of fall! Go enjoy a game and have a truly fall experience.
  4. Look for local fall festivals! Many places will put on fall festivals in their community. They may range from the family friendly carnival-like festivals to Oktoberfest celebrations. Go celebrate fall at these festivals however you deem fit! 
  5. Go to a pumpkin patch! Pumpkins are Fall's official mascot. Pumpkin patches are so much fun. Pick out a perfect pumpkin, take some great pictures, and have fun with your loved ones. 
  6. Corn maze. Remember how fun it was to go to corn mazes when you were a kid? Or maybe that’s just us!! But if you didn’t know, corn mazes were a blast as a preteen and teenager! If you haven’t been to one in a while or have never been! Let’s make it happen this year! 
  7. Apple picking. It is time for good apples! If you live in a place with a U-Pick'em orchard, do it! It is a surprisingly fun time!
  8. Use that fall produce to make some delicious treats! Apple cobbler or pumpkin pie! Or whatever sounds good to you. Fall treats are arguable the best!
  9. Decorate your house for fall or Halloween. Whichever you prefer. Add a wreath to your doorstep. If you have a mantel add in that golden leafy decor or scary jack-o-lantern. Use those pumpkins from the patch or even make your own decor! Add Fall's touch to your home. 
  10. Spend time with family and friends. Go for walks, watch spooky movies, or have them over for comfort food. Just make time for your people this season. 

Fall is really a marvelous season and deserves the high praise it gets. It only lasts 12 weeks. So take some time these next few months to really take in this special season and celebrate it with those you love!

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