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10 Suggestions to Appreciate National Book Lovers Day

Conover Insurance - Aug 9, 2019 11:38:54 AM

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Book lovers rejoice! Today is your day.  It’s National Book Lovers Day! A time to pick out a good book, a comfy place to sit, and read the day away! Ahhh, that sounds heavenly. We sure do love a good book here at Conover and we think everyone should spend some time getting lost in a good book. The feeling of being lost in a real page turner is one that doesn’t happen to us enough. It’s a habit that we feel needs to be made more time for. So, today we hope you celebrate your love of books, and of course we have suggestions on how you should spend your day!

Here are some of those suggestions to really make the most of this holiday.

  1. Make a reading fort! Add some cozy blankets and fluffy pillows. Settle in and read the day away! What a magical way to celebrate the day.
  2. Go to a local bookstore and pick out a fresh new book! Supporting local businesses is always a good idea. Local bookstores are gems. And some even have bookstore cats! Bonus. What could be better?
  3. Go to the Library! If you can’t afford to purchase a book, you could always go check out your local library. See what events they are having and go participate in one! Reserve that best seller you have been wanting to read, or even that household item that you’ve needed but didn’t want to buy. Libraries are pretty much the best thing ever.
  4. Download the Good Reads App! Review some of your favorite books. Check out the books that are trending. Find the next book you are going to want to read! 
  5. Start a Book Club! The only thing better than reading a book that is super thrilling and exciting, is talking about it to someone else, who also read it! Get your book loving friends together, pick a book, a date, snacks, and beverages! You can be super planned with discussion questions or go with the flow! Make it suit your group's personalities and it will be a blast. 
  6. Read the complete works by an author that intrigues you. We have known people who have decided to read the complete works of Shakespeare and also Stephen King. In order! Whichever author strikes your fancy pick them, read their work one by one, and immerse yourself in their style!
  7. Go outside and read. There is just something about being outside in nature, sitting under a tree, and being lost in a good book. It’s so relaxing. 
  8. Head to a coffee shop and read. Find a coffee shop with a great atmosphere. Order your favorite drink, get comfy, and start reading!
  9. Read with the kids that are in your life! Take the opportunity to spread your love of reading to the next generation. Have a read in! Pick out that Dr. Seuss, Goodnight Moon, Harry Potter, or whatever it is the kids in your life might like. Drop everything and read! It really is important. 

Just read. Make time for it. Especially today. Turn off your device, and pick up that book you’ve been wanting to read forever. Just do it.

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