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Supporting the Backbone of America with Agriculture Insurance Solutions

The Most Demanding Industry Deserves Dedicated Service

There are many obstacles that can keep your farm from running smoothly. We will work just as hard as you do to protect your business and provide you with agriculture insurance solutions suited to your needs.

Gain More Ground

We’ve helped hard working folks just like you keep their operations going strong. See how we can do the same for you.

Protect Your Bottom Line

Our thorough coverage reviews can help ensure your coverage matches your needs so you can better protect your assets.

Reduce Your Losses Proactively

We will educate you on ways to minimize your risks ahead of time to help reduce your losses and your stress levels.

Preserve Your Family Legacy

Many operations are the product of generations of hard work. We’ll help make sure your farm or ranch stays in the family and lives on for years to come.

Tools of the Trade

You’ve got a job to do. Here are the areas where we can support your operations.

Traditional Yield-Based Insurance

Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI), Yield Protection (YP), Apple Tree Policy, Crop/Hail Insurance, Pasture/Range/Forage Program

Revenue-Based Insurance

Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP), Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP), Actual Revenue History (ARH), Revenue Protection (RP), Revenue Protection w/Harvest Price Exclusion

Agri-Business Insurance

Farm & Ranch Owners, Commercial Growers & Packers, Wineries & Vineyards, Orchards, Horse Farms, Dairy Farms, Wholesale Nurseries, Livestock, Farm Suppliers


The Answers You Need to Know

Find the guidance and tools you need to feel more confident and better prepared.


We Put in the Work, Just Like You

Partner with advisors who go the extra mile to make sure your operations are well protected.

Agreement Plan 1-Ag

Are Your Needs Being Met?

We know that you may have strong ties with another provider. But are they actively seeking out the right solutions for you? It may be time for a fresh perspective from a partner who will earn your trust.

Agreement Plan 2-Ag

Work with a Team That Cares

Just like it takes many hands to keep a farm running smoothly, our Conover family works together to provide you with comprehensive support and solutions. We’re here for you.

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Leave the Heavy Lifting to Us

Switching to Conover is simple. We’ll make the process smoother so we can start building a strong relationship with you and finding ways to support your business.

Our Process

A Tried and True Approach

Getting the right agriculture insurance starts here.
We Come to You

Before we do anything, we start by coming to your property to get to know you and your operations better.

We Assess What You Have

Next, we start to evaluate how we can help alleviate your exposures, or transfer certain risks.

We Help You Get What You Need

Based on our site inspection and our coverage comparison, we make recommendations on solutions that help protect your business.

Schedule A Call

Serving Your Specific Needs


Commercial Insurance

Agreement Plan 1-Employee Management

Employee Benefits

Ready to Help You Get What You Need

With Conover, you’ll work one-on-one with an advisor who will take the time to understand your business and provide you with straightforward guidance on agriculture insurance solutions.

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